Employment Opportunities

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For information on existing vacancies, see www.recruitment.gov.ky

Public safety communications positions within the Department:

Telecommunicator Trainee
Communications Supervisor

Electronic Monitoring positions within the Department:

Electronic Monitoring Officer
Electronic Monitoring Supervisor

Department administrative/management positions:

Public Safety Systems Administrator
Assistant Director of Operations and Training
Assistant Director of Electronic Monitoring
Director of Public Safety Communications

The career path of a 9-1-1 dispatcher (also known as a public safety communications telecommunicator) starts out as a Telecommunicator-Trainee. After six months of successful classroom training (including certification as a Public Safety Telecommunicator and Emergency Medical Dispatcher) and On-The-Job Training in CIPSCC, the trainee is promoted to a post as a qualified Telecommunicator. Those persons who desire to move to a supervisory level after 4 years of being a Telecommunicator may apply for a vacant Communications Supervisor post. The Communications Supervisor not only does the day-to-day job of processing Calls For Service but they are also responsible for their shift of Telecommunicators and Telecommunicator-Trainees. There are also opportunities for further professional development thru advanced training, becoming a certified instructor, or obtaining a degree in public safety communications/emergency management.

Trainee positions within the Department are typically advertised once or twice each year and directed primarily towards suitable Caymanians based on the results of a computer test and interview. There are no educational or experience requirements to become a Trainee as all training is done in-house.

The Electronic Monitoring function is new. Electronic Monitoring Officers are selected because of their background and interest in the criminal justice system. The Electronic Monitoring Supervisor carries out the job of Electronic Monitoring as do the Officers, but in addition he also supervises the unitís activities including staffing and the coordination of procurement and troubleshooting of electronic monitoring devices and CCTV.

As emergencies can occur at any time, department personnel must work shifts which include nights, weekends and public holidays.

Individuals who desire positions as administrators and management must possess the educational and experience necessary to perform their function. Managers within the department typically have at least 10 years or longer within the public safety communications field.

Last Updated 2014-02-12